Pork MultiPath™ One test detects multiple pathogens Fast turnaround on test results 24/7 expert support Third-party ISO17025 validation

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Pork MultiPath is the pig farmers’ disease early warning system


Pork MultiPath can detect respiratory & enteric pathogens


Fast data turnaround times & rapid results even on large numbers of samples


Pork MultiPath identifies a wide range of pathogen genetic variants


Pork MultiPath includes control tests to validate RNA & DNA sample integrity

Ground-breaking disease management technology

Pork MultiPath focuses on pathogen detection. Our technology is unsurpassed in its ability to co-detect multiple pig pathogens with sensitivity and specificity for multiple pathogen detection superior to current industry methods. All this adds up to data that empowers vets and farmers to significantly reduce the risk of disease and improve yield.

Respiratory Pork MultiPath™ detects and quantifies: 

Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serovar 1, 5, 7, 15 (APP1, APP5, APP7, APP15) 

Streptococcus suis, serotype 2, 3 (SS generic; SS2, SS3)

Haemophilus parasuis (HP) – Also known as Glaesserella parasuis (GP)

Pasteurella multocida (PM)

Mycoplasma hyorhinis (MHR) 

Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MHP) 

Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2)

Enteric Pork MultiPath™ detects and quantifies: 

Lawsonia intracellularis ( LI)

Brachyspira pilosicoli (BP)

Brachyspira hyodysenteriae (BH)

Salmonella enterica (SE) incl. serovar Typhimurium (SEty)

Escherichia coli (EC) incl. F4, F5, F6, F18, F41, LT1, ST1, ST2, STX2e, eaeA

Porcine rotavirus (RV) RVA, RVB, RVC 

Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2)

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PCV-2: Pork MultiPath gives early warning of infection

The porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2) pathogen is causing severe economic losses in the global pig industry.  

Despite the introduction of several PCV-2 vaccines, the virus is still endemic in most countries, with one contributing factor being that the virus genotype keeps evolving, rendering vaccines ineffective.

The challenge for farmers and veterinarians is discovering which PCV-2 viral variants threaten their animals.  

Genics Pork MultiPath includes highly sensitive and quantitative PCV2 detection. Genics also provides accurate PCV-2 genotype sequencing to give you the exact genetic code of the PCV2 variant(s) in your samples. We’re empowering farmers and vets with the best knowledge and data, to protect our animals from evolving disease threats, improving herd health, and lowering the burden of speculative antibiotic dosing. 


“As a veterinarian in the pork industry, I am excited to now have commercial access to Pork MultiPath™ panels for enteric and respiratory pathogens. We have never before had the ability to detect so many pathogens from a single sample. This surveillance capacity will be very useful as we seek to continually improve herd health and antimicrobial stewardship.”

Dr. Yvette PollockVeterinarian - SunPork Australia

“We turned to Genics Pork MultiPath pathogen detection technology to solve inaccuracies in identifying severe health issues in some of our pigs. Where other laboratory-based technologies had failed, Pork MultiPath™ succeeded, and as a result we’ve been able to optimise our vaccination program and become more efficient in improving our herd health and animal performance.”

Valentin CusnirVeterinarian and Farm Manager - Alexa Farms, Australia

“Australian Pork is thrilled to be partnering with Genics on such an important project, protecting Australia’s pig herd health. With African Swine Fever in our region, there’s never been a more important time to look to new technologies, such as Genics’ MultiPath™ to care for our animals via early detection of animal disease.” 

Margo AndraeCEO - Australian Pork Limited (APL)

“Pork MultiPath™ gave our team the evidence we needed to implement data-driven management decisions to improve our production systems.”

Brenden McClellandManager - Belmont Pastoral Company, Australia

The Pork MultiPath technology is something our industry has been seeking for a long time. This technology gives us an accurate, quantitative pathogen profile in a single affordable test. At SunPork Farms, we are using the technology to inform improved herd health management decisions across our farms.

Dr Bernie GleesonBVSc, Veterinarian SunPork Farms, Australia

Want to know how using Pork MultiPath can increase your farm’s productivity?

Download non-destructive sampling guides

Genics Sock Sample Collection Guide
Genics Oral Fluid Collection Guide

Sock sample collection video guide

Submission forms for farms in Australia

Please read the instructions below before completing the submission form.

Pork MultiPath™ Respiratory Panel

Sample collection guidelines

  • Preferred sample type: lung tissue; nasal, tracheal, lung, tonsillar dry swabs; oral fluid
  • Sample volume:
    • Lung tissues: 1 – 3 g
    • Oral fluids: 2 – 5 mL
  • Container: screw cap jars or tubes (avoid snap cap tubes or seal them with parafilm/tape before shipping; oral fluids: keep fill volume to 75% of total container volume)

Pork MultiPath™ Enteric Panel 

Sample collection guidelines

    • Preferred sample type: faeces (individual/pooled), tissue (small/large intestines), intestinal contents, dry swabs
    • Sample volume:
      • Faeces/intestinal content: 2 – 10 mL
      • Tissue: 1 – 3 g including intestinal lining
    • Container: screw cap jars/tubes (avoid snap cap tubes or seal them with parafilm/tape before shipping)

Shipping – We’ve made life easy

To send samples to Genics simply complete the form (Word or PDF) via the buttons above. When complete, please send your form to info@genics.com.au and attach a printed copy of the form to your samples when shipping.


  • Please use a waterproof marker when writing on samples/container
  • Ship immediately after collection
  • OR freeze samples after collection until ready to ship
  • Double-bag samples for shipping
  • Overnight shipping is preferred
  • Always send samples on ice/ice packs
  • Sample containers must be clean and free from pig fluids on the external outer surfaces for submission

Send samples to:

Genics Head Office

Level 5, 60 Research Road


Any questions? Contact info@genics.com.au

Submission forms for farms outside Australia

Step 1

Important summary

IMPORTANT – Please read this summary before completing your shipping paperwork.

Step 2

Complete the form below

IMPORTANT – A copy of the completed Shipping & Declaration must be placed on both the outside (in a plastic sleeve) and inside of your parcel. Take a photo or scan of this completed declaration and upload with your submission on my.genics.com.au portal or email to info@genics.com

SHIPPING NOTICE – If the shipping company, DHL for example, consider the ethanol a dangerous good, store your samples for 24 hours (preferably in the fridge), and then tip off the ethanol leaving the samples moist. Small amounts of ethanol preserving a sample is an exempt dangerous good and can be shipped. To save money and time ensure your parcel is not too large. It needs only be large enough for your samples.

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