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Benchmark audits

Biosecurity benchmark audits & customised response plans

Environmental DNA

Environmental DNA, or eDNA, analysis is a vital biosecurity safeguard

Feed testing

Pathogen test your animal feed for shrimp, pigs & other livestock

Inputs testing

Regular testing of your farm inputs to reduce the risk of a biosecurity breach


MultiPath testing for animal biosecurity surveillance

What is farm biosecurity, and why is it important?

Biosecurity is the combination of safeguards that minimize the risk of pathogens entering or spreading within a farming system.

These safeguards are made up of

  • integrated standard operating procedures,
  • regular compliance audits,
  • active pathogen surveillance,
  • emergency response plans,
  • staff training, &
  • an understanding of biosecurity by all team members.

Biosecurity also extends to

  • workflow design,
  • systems design,
  • farm layout,
  • contractor compliance,
  • all possible input scenarios, &
  • movement scenarios in a given premise.

Good biosecurity practices are essential in all animal production systems to mitigate the risk of pathogen incursion.

Genics has a holistic approach to farm biosecurity

Genics biosecurity solutions are underpinned by a holistic approach that incorporates global best practices in

  • systems design,
  • animal husbandry, &
  • operational goals.

Genics also provides biosecurity support with MultiPath and eDNA Water MultiPath advanced technologies.

Some of our services include:

  • Confidential biosecurity benchmark audits
  • Creation of customized biosecurity frameworks and response plans
  • eDNA water testing using Water MultiPath
  • Testing of feed using Feed MultiPath
  • Early pathogen detection in shrimp and pigs using MultiPath testing technology

Test your water

Based on the principles of Environmental DNA (eDNA) analysis, Genics Water MultiPath provides an extra layer of biosecurity when used in conjunction with Shrimp or Pork MultiPath. It does this by examining and detecting pathogens in the water used by shrimp, pigs, and other species. 

Download the brochure below for more information:

Water MultiPath brochure cover

Test your animal feed

Using our proven MultiPath technology, we’re able to test animal feed (shrimp, pigs and others) for pathogens.

Q: Shrimp feeds have heat treatment in the manufacturing process, don’t they – why is testing feed so important? 

A: Many different feed types are used in Shrimp aquaculture. Fresh and fresh frozen broodstock feeds (eg. polychaete, squid), Artemia, artemia flake and algae for larval shrimp, and wet pellet feeds in some culture conditions. All these have the potential to pose a biosecurity risk to production. Heat extruded feeds, if they reach the required temperature during manufacture may not pose a biosecurity risk. The Genics Team will talk through real and perceived risks with customers on a case-by-case basis to design suitable testing programs.

If you have questions, please email our team at

Confidential biosecurity benchmark audits

Genics will work closely with you to establish customised biosecurity benchmarks:

  1. Genics performs a confidential audit of your current biosecurity protocols
  2. We’ll provide an evidence based tailored Confidential Biosecurity Benchmark Audit Report detailing any gaps in your farm biosecurity
  3. We’ll provide the solutions and consulting services you need to reduce the risk of biosecurity breaches

Delivering your biosecurity response plan

As part of our biosecurity consultancy, Genics will work with you to create a biosecurity framework and response plan:

  1. The plan intersects with your confidential biosecurity benchmark audit report
  2. It outlines what systems and protocols are needed to avoid a breach, and what additional emergency measures are recommended in the unlikely scenario a biosecurity breach occurs
  3. Your biosecurity framework and response plan is a dynamic framework that will be updated as new technology and improved systems are developed

Want to know more about Biosecurity?

The expert Genics team can answer your questions – We’ll help you find the best pathogen testing and breeding program solutions to meet the needs of your farm

Optimize your farm operations 

Genics’ comprehensive shrimp solutions suite includes industry-leading pathogen testing, breeding programs and productivity consulting